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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Repairing gable end wall


My reason for nominating Josh is probably a little bit out of the ordinary, as Josh didn’t actually complete any work for us but was a huge support along the way to a very difficult situation.
We had rented our house in Liverpool out to a young man and had signed the management of it over to a very ineffective agent, as we are based in London. However the agent never bothered to visit or inspect the property. When we eventually wanted to regain possession and knew that the gable end wall needed repairing we were looking for someone who we could rely upon to do it for us, in our absence. Enter Josh. He firstly made an external viewing and reported back, with photos, of what he thought was required, and costed it in three different ways. He was prepared to wait for us to gain entry to the property, which took longer than expected. Once in the property he worked with the management company and made an internal assessment, as well as reporting a few concerns about other things that he found. When asked, he returned to the property and made a detailed list of everything that needed doing; organised other professionals to visit who could complete some of the work that he couldn’t and costed everything with a minimum and maximum of what was required, and going up onto the roof to take more photos for us. He did all of this without asking for a penny for his time and effort. Eventually we had to make a personal visit to make a decision. Josh took time out of his current project to be there when we arrived and gave me a big cuddle because he knew that I was so stressed about it all. He took us around to explain everything that he had found; gave us some constructive advice about what was and wasn’t necessary and actually suggested that we might be better off to cut our losses and sell the property. NOT ONCE did he ask for anything for all his time and effort. We did in fact take his advice and sell the property as it was, as being so far away was proving too difficult. The support that this young man gave us over a period of about eight months was invaluable to us. I will never forget his kind words in both emails and in person, when dealing with a customer, who eventually never actually gave him any work, but who he was prepared to go the extra mile for to try to be a supportive as he possibly could. I’ve got no doubt that he would treat any of his customers with exactly the same care and courteously. I’d be proud to have a son like him, working with the public as he does. Top marks!

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