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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Certified Boiler Service Commercial

Milton Keynes 

We were let down twice by local commercial engineers and had one day left to certfiy so i posted to MyBuilder and Kevan applied his interest. I explained the urgency and i mentioned we cant have another let down. He made some calls and said he will be on site at 1pm. He was onsite at 1pm. He completed his check and certified. As we were chatting in the plant room somehow he spotted an issue with our very large AC/Heating system, he asked was it ok to look so i said yes. He opened one of the big panels and pulled out one filter and i couldnt beleive how blocked up it was. He took the rest of the panels out and they were in the same state, luckily he quickly made more calls and manged to push the rest of his booking forward and told me the filters have to be cleaned right now. If this was not spotted by him the system would of come to a hault and destroyed the filters and other items on the system. This would of caused a shut down of the office complex as it takes 3 weeks to get new filters. His passion for his work and that keen eye of his saved not just the day but a major upset and huge costs. How lucky it is to have MyBuilder and a a true trade like Kevan listed so i want to nominate Kevan as he saved me on this day and also saved the company thousands and it only cost an extra 50 pounds, Thank You MyBuilder for this opportunity and for this exceptional Engineer and i feel he deserves job of the year.

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Homeowner Colm Nolan

Kevan Bartholomew

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