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leaking roof tiles moved


job was more than expected, felt rotten and battens all but disintegrated tiles ok Jo took video of problem so I could see for myself, it was like being on the roof with Him, We discussed what it would cost to repair but I didn't have enough money to cover this, So He has allowed me to pay Him what I could at the time in order to do the job and then pay the remainder as and when I can afford It. As the work progressed again He did video so I could see that it was all going well and a good job was being done, The work done is excellent, we have had a lot of rain so well tested, (no more leaks) He didn't need to allow me the time to pay, He could have just walked away, but didn't, instead He has done a great job and allowed me the time I need, with no pressure, thank you Jo. My roof is now water tight and I can breath easy again.Jo takes a pride in His work and it shows I would recommend to anyone. For someone Like me alone, disabled, and on a very limited budget, it could have turned out very different. The world needs more Jo's in it.

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Homeowner Charmaine Dawson

Joseph Boswell
Jbsroofing and home maintenance

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