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Trench for foundation


Jon and his 2 builders were on site at 8 am on the dot. It was a very windy and icy day and the job was an outside job. In order to get the foundation done for a new brick wall for a garage conversion, earth had to be dug. They had to work around the visit of the builder control inspector for the trenches to be approved, which resulted in more digging as it needed to be wider than expected in order to fill it with enough concrete to support the ground. They then had to wait for the delivery of ballast and cement which was delayed and therefore started the concrete job around 3pm. Once they went through the ton of ballast, it needed more as enough was ordered for the original size of the trenches but a result of widening them, more was needed. They went out of their way to go and get another ton with another small truck they had and came back to finish the job in the dark, which was completed by 5.30pm.
They worked very hard and made sure it got it done within the day while working around the visit from the control building inspector and delivery of material. They were very polite, friendly and accommodating.

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Homeowner Cecile Geoffray

Jon Allen
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