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Bedroom sealed and painted


Mandie went above and beyond right from the start. She knew I was a little distressed from the telephone conversation about the job. I had been sold faulty paint from a well known home DIY retailer which resulted in my newly decorated bedroom letting off an awful smell that was identical to Tom cat pee!
I was devastated because it takes a lot of planning and saving in my home to get anything done, more than most. I am dissabled myself and I have a son that has cerebral palsy which means no mess or bits and bobs can be left about the home during work because of my son's mobility issues and I am unable to prepare for work to be carried out , like moveing furniture ect or puting things back after.
Maindie turned up on the dot for the quote for the job and she was so friendly, professional and very knowledgeable, she had actually looked into the problem I had and rang around looking for the best product to use to seal the smell in on the walls, as I had been advised off the company that sold the faulty paint to use a certain product. Mandie automatically knew that if this product was used the smell and chemicals that would come off the product would mean me being unable to sleep or stay in my bedroom while it was drying that night. It turns out she was right about that and she was advised to use a safer product that was just as effective. This meant we could get the work done without having to find somewhere else to stay, which would have been a very big upheaval.
Mandie had done this in her own time before even meating me to give me a quote for the job.
Mandie also told me not to worry about anything and she would move everything, furniture and ornaments and put it all back as it was now when she had finished, this she did! She was amazing. Every day she finished she tidied everything up and my bed was put back and made up for me that night.
She was so professional, tidy, knowledgeable, always on time, reliable, understanding and she definitely went above and beyond what she needed to do. I am really happy I posted my job on My Builder and got someone like Mandie to do it.
Her work was second to none, her painting was the neatest I have ever seen! She was so up to date on products and trends also.
It was only after that I found out that the product I had been advised to use and Mandie was adamant that I should not use was potentially dangerous and should not have been used on all walls in an interior environment. Mandie knew this and had spoken with the products company for an alternative even before she came out for a quote! 4 other decorators, 2 with 30years experience who came out to quote me were just prepared to use it, I don't even want to think about the consequences of that! They also wanted the room cleared before they started work, even though I told them I was physically unable to do it.
I recomend Mandie Elliott to anybody I know that needs work doing and I will only use Mybuilder for jobs I need in the future.
It would be wonderful to be able to win this just so Mandie knows how special she is and that she is very rare to find these days, true craftsmanship and she goes above and beyond for people. She really didn't know how just tidying up and re hanging my curtains, putting my TV back and making sure everything was back in place made such a big, big difference to me and helped me out so much.
I nearly forgot this but while she was here my neighbour couldn't get back in her house as something had happened to her lock, without a second thought Mandie offered to help and not only did she get the door open but she fixed my neighbours lock too. I think she really, really deserves this prize and I would love her to win and then I would be able to get my son's room painted too 😁 Thankyou for giving me the chance to sing this ladies praises.

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Homeowner Mandy Hammett

mandie elliott
M.E Female Painter and Decorator

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