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Install a rope handrail + couple of drilling jobs


I live in a charming 17th-century cottage with a lethal staircase. This autumn, at a short notice my 87-year-old granny from Russia (AKA Babushka) decides to visit. She obviously rejects staying in B&Bs with comfortable access and declares that she will live at mine. To complicate the matter further, I am away at a conference, and only coming back a day before she would land! So in a massive panic, I had to make my house babushka-friendly! My steep crooked narrow staircase had very little space, so standard bannister was not a solution.I started to google, and google during morning lectures, and by lunch had a solution - a rope bannister ordered and Martin (with a drill to go through prehistoric stone) found to install it!

Martin (and the uber-drill) did a fantastic job mounting the rope handrail, some emergency flowerpots and guitar holders onto the ancient walls. He did it very fast and clean, the house was ready to meet the grandma! It would not have been possible for me to complete this without and Martin's help!

Granna loved it! She loved it all! The charm of the house, the flowerpots, the accessibility of the no-longer-lethal staircase, that she climbed daily. She loved her stay! I am so very happy we live in the internet era, where just in a few clicks, one can find a good, reliable builder to do the urgent job even on a prehistoric cottage!

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Martin Percival

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