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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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New internal Door frames and doors


Alex's work was impeccable, he held himelf to a very high standard. He went many times before work to collect materials in his own time and had to buy a few unusual tools in order to finish the work.

I had a complete refit of my house, doors, door casings, staircase, skirting all in solid oak, much of this had to be hand carved. Alex also fitted bedroom suites, bathroom furniture and most of the flooring in my house.

I have several rescue animals in my house, Alex was always careful to ensure he did not leave doors or windows unattended, as they try to escape. He also ensured he did not leave any holes in the walls or floors for them to disappear in to, which they often try to do. He also had to check his tool bags at the end of every day, as my cats often would hide in his bag and fall asleep.

Alex had many design ideas which he brought to the table, showing his vast experience, despite the fact he is quite young he acts and works as an experienced, skilled person and managed to put up with my OCD. He always cleaned up after himself, I don't just mean a quick clean, he always clean up everywhere dust had settled every night, meaning he went above his finish time most days.

There was a lot of material delivered on a daily basis, over 500m of skirting, 20 odd doors, door casings, trims and other parts, Alex handled each delivery, unwrapping each item to ensure it arrived safely and then re-wrapping and organising parts to suit his work order.

I have hired Alex on several more occasions and I will be doing so again in 2018 for more work, he even stopped listening to talk sport radio because I mentioned I am not a sports fan.

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Homeowner Neil

Alex Hughes
ADH Carpentry & Joinery

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