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Bathroom full fit and tiling


After several water leaks and bad workmanship in my bathroom from different builders and on the brink of giving up (you can see in the before photo the state of the old bathroom), I finally hired john quains team. With a very tight budget and a dream bathroom in mind I was asking for nothing short of an exceptional job to achieve what I dreamt. It was a challenge for john quains team to put on a new solid floor, move the plumbing to opposite sides of the bathroom and add extras such as made to measure boiler cabinet, fit bidet spray kits, taps with lighting technology and a towel rail in the tightest of areas! Lenny worked through the budget and offered extras such as fitting the lighting and changing the 100 year old rotten door frame for a new frame built by him. The best part was that, I am in my own words a builders nightmare. I have OCD when it comes to getting things right. For Lenny this was a challenge on the tiling on very old Victorian uneven walls, but nothing was impossible for him. Many builders who came to give me a quote ran a mile when they saw my walls but Lenny said it's not a problem at all and tackled it with exceptional professionalism. Yes, we didn't agree on all things and had disagreements in our views, but Lenny stood his ground when it was important and as a professional didn't bow down to my silly suggestions even if I did offer more money. I.E a lowered ceiling with spotlights in a Victorian house would have a took the character of the property away. Initially I was adamant that's what I wanted but Lenny suggested newly plastering the ceiling and putting nice lighting to complement the charactered high ceilings of the property. Maybe he lost few hundred pounds in the extra work but it definitely retained the beauty of my home and added value.

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