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hanging 5 internal solid wood doors


The doors were very difficult to determine which way round they go and unfortunately cliff hung 1 door the wrong way round.this may sound bad but I walked past the doors without even noticing it was only on very close inspection by a friend that this error was spotted. However i did contact cliff about it. Without hesitation he offered to buy and fit a new door this would have meant all his profit from the job would have been lost in fact he would have been out of pocket but customer satisfaction was his top concern. I was surprised by this and really felt that as it took so long to notice that perhaps i was being too fussy but cliff was adamant he should put it right. I didn't want him to be at a complete loss so asked if it was possible to reverse the door so it didn't show. He said he felt he could reverse it without me being able to tell but he was insistent that he would try and if I wasn't 100% satisfied he would buy a new door and fit it for me even though this would mean it had cost him to do the whole job.well he took the door away and reworked them brought it back and refitted it correctly. Believe me you would never know now that there had ever been a problem. Ok yes it was his mistake but his response was without fault. For this reason i will use him again and recommend him. He proved to me that although he is in business to make a profit his customers satisfaction is his first priority. Cliff gets 10 out of 10 in my mind

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Homeowner Alan Smith

Clifford Simpson
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