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kitchen drain blocked


Moved to a loft studio flat few years ago. After just few days being there the kitchen drains started getting blocked. the landlord was completely useless, would not help with any of the issues on the flat. i tried all kinds of liquids suggested online to open the drains without any avail. for months my pregnant wife had to carry the water from the kitchen sink to the toilet with a bucket.

i contacted two local tradesmen who could not unblock the drains. At the end i went to and posted the issue online. Within few minutes i got contacted by few tradesmen. Patryk seemed credible, had good reviews and the price was reasonable.

He came one morning and the first the he did was to cover the place around the sink with white sheets to make sure the floor does not get dirty. Then he started working on the drains. He could see that the blockage had gone to extremes. He kept working on it what must have been at least two - three hours, using all kinds of tools to try and break the blockage which had become very hard.

At one point one of his expensive hovers which he used to suck water and derby broke completely from being overworked.

ow felt sorry fro him so i asked him to give up as he was very tired, and hurt from being on his knees for hours. And he was running out of options as he had used all the tools available to him without really being sure how much progress had been done.

He knew what it meant to my pregnant wife having those drains unblocked so we could wash our dishes and use the washing machine without having to carry the water coming out to the toilet.

At the end he managed to unblock the drains which was a shock to both of us as we were loosing hope. To this day i cannot thank him enough.

It's not just the hard he put on it being true to his profession, but the way he handled himself, not getting frustrated or angry even for a second.

At the end he made sure the area around the kitchen sink was clean and also helped me put the washing machine in its place.

If i ever have the same issue again, Patryk will be the first person i contact, and the only person i will recommend to my family and friends.


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Patryk Kampfer
Greater London Drainage Ltd.

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