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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Paint exterior front of house


We were getting ready to sell our house and had logged a job to my My wife and I both have busy jobs so juggling day job, childcare estate agents and tradesmen were a challenge! I failed completely by double booking a valuation survey and the day for Phil to come and estimate. Phil was gracious in accepting my hasty apology and based on a quick conversation and a drawing which we did Phil assured us it was no problem. He didn’t make any fuss, communicated effectively throughout the process. We had to wait for the weather to turn and Phil was able to accommodate us. He worked carefully and had the foresight to engage with our neighbors on the project. Our house looked great! We sold our house, have moved and are ready to book Phil again. Thanks for putting us in touch with Phil Love and helping us move!

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Homeowner john vesty

Phil Love
lovedecor & smallworks

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