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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Loft access and flooring


Having lost faith in three tradesman over the preceding year resulting from the often too common excuses used pretty much as standard builder communication tools these days (‘unforeseen this’, ‘could not have predicted that when I quoted’, ‘one of my workers is off sick at the moment’ and the ever popular ‘I have to make a living’ when justifying an undocumented price increase, Joe, as a young man, represented a trustworthy, hardworking and loyal tradesman that was previously epitomised by the older generation of builder and workman that I had hoped to meet for my previous jobs. I had feared such people no longer existed- but they do- but I had been wrong to believe that such tradesman needed to be older. Joe restored my faith - high quality work, correctly and fairly priced and a demonstrable work ethic existed. Of the £30k I spent on ‘builders’ in the previous 18 months (£10k on a perimeter wall that I’ve now had to have replaced to mention one ‘experience’), it was Joe’s modest ‘roof access and flooring’ job that exceeded all my expectations and remains the one piece of work on this house that will make me believe I can trust a tradesman again.

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Homeowner Martin Vinnell

joe cowan
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