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Add additional step to front door


My wife had just had given birth to our first baby 3 weeks before, and was recovering mentally and physically from an incredibly traumatic labour which ended in an emergency caesarean due to my wife’s uterus rupturing. Because of the nature of the birth and my wife’s mental well-being we agreed it was incredibly important that she was able to get out of the house, if only for a few minutes a day. The problem we had with our old step was that it was a great drop from the front door, and near impossible for a woman recovering from surgery to be lifting a pram in and out of the house at the time. We decided we needed to have some work done to the step to allow my wife to lift the pram in and out, as I had gone back to work after my paternity leave at this point. That’s when we contacted Tony. I can’t recommend this man enough. From start to finish he was fantastic. He was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to do business with. We contacted him and he agreed to come out and look at the step when it suited us. He came out to see it, measure it up and then told me he’d get back to me with a quote. The same night he messaged me the quote with the breakdown of everything that we would be paying for. The price was incredibly reasonable, and I appreciated the breakdown, as for people like me and my wife it made it easy to understand. We agreed a date when he would do it, and because he knew my wife was recovering from her surgery he was absolutely brilliant with her, explaining that he could have it done and able to be walked on within a couple of hours & that if she needed to come out with the pram he could help her round the back and across the grass. He came whilst I was at work and there was zero disruption whatsoever, my wife was amazed at how fast and efficiently he worked. Tony provided everything he promised, and the finished work left us so pleased. Something that may appear so small such as being able to lift the pram in and out of the house was such a boost to my wife’s confidence and mental stability in her recovery from surgery, and now both mother and daughter are thriving. Tony will be receiving all my recommendations from now on!

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