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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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I'm a single woman with pretty much a full time job. I bought a semi detatched house on the edge of a village earlier in the year, with the idea that there would be some modernisation required. I had a very specific (quite tight) budget which I thought was reasonable and so did Philip at the outset.
As the general modernisation of my new house turned into a total renovation job (I have photos of the house without walls or ceilings!!!), it wsan't possible for me to live onsite so I continued living in my rental flat 45 minutes drive away for the duration of the work that Philip undertook. Philip gave me all the confidence I needed. With regular and efficient communication, Phil called, texted or emailed with all the important information with clear uncomplicated explanations of the work required and quotes for the cost of each phase before he carried out the work.
All the work was not only done to the best standard, and to my expectation, but when we hit problems Phil didn't try and find the quick/ easy way out...he came up with good ideas and delivered an excellent job. He was ingenius and always had in mind my budget. Like the day he took the " decorative" trim off the bedroom cupboard doors. He knew I wanted to have a plain and simple look in the bedroom but didn't currently have the budget to replace the doors and fittings. Easy for Phil...he just took off the trim and painted eveyrthing white to match the room. I was super happy.
As I was offsite, the trust I was able to have in his judgement was absolutely invaluable.
Phil managed the other trades as a very efficient team, which saved me money and ensured a smooth running project.
If something wasn't quite how I wanted it...Phil always got it sorted without complaint to me....down to ensuring the screws were capped with the right colour( you might think that was obvious but believe me,it's not!), and getting the finish right in the bathroom. There was only one incidence... when I said I didn't like the light fitting he'd chosen in the conservatory ! He said he thought it was alright, and it was what he could find within budget....ha ha!! When he realised I really didn't like it though...he said he would get the electrician to replace it when I found one I liked. That was a typical response. Plain speaking, but totally reasonable and amenable. So easy to get on with,I like that kind of approach to a job!! :)
If I had forgotten something on plan...Phil worked out a way of achieving it. He was always considerate and cleaned up after himself and the other trades.
When I pushed the " ask" after he'd really finished the building work...("I wonder if you could possibly do xyz (make a utility room counter/ fit a sink/work out why the washing machine isn't working/ level up the cooker etc.) wasn't a problem for Phil.
I simply could not have the home I hoped for ( and got!) without Phil's commitment to this job. He went over and above what I consider most builders would have done.
I am forever grateful.

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