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Wortops Replaced, New Sink and Facette Installed


A job extremely well done. My post-natal wife changed her mind a dozen times before they got here, with no apparent frustration from the lads. They were amazingly flexible and accommodating, and got the work done quickly and efficiently.

Wouldn't you know it, the day they came was the day our oldest fell off the climbing frame in school and needed to be picked up, while the youngest was in the middle of her nap. Not a problem. Building, Joinery and Daycare Specialists! Enders for the worktops didn't arrive on time and Michael went off to chase it down while his mate cleaned our entire drive (where they had done all the cooking) leaving it better looking than it was when they arrived.

Thanks a million guys!

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Homeowner Philip Larkin

Michael Potter
MP Building & Joinery Specialist

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