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Moving of clean rubble from garden to skip


The guys came out and quoted promptly and professionally, however wht looked like a simple job turned out to be far more than anticipated.

Ultimately the team had to hand shift a huge amount of rubble, large rocks, clay etc from my back garden and up onto their truck. I live on a hill therefore the back garden is equivalent to circa 3 flights of stairs from the rubble pile to the closest truck access. These guys did not moan once, worked extremely hard (I work for Main Contactor in the UK and have never seen this level of effort in my working life!!) from dawn through to dusk for over 4 days. Taking only a lunch break.

I later found out these guys are roofers and they only took the job to fill a gap in their order book. I actually delayed the job, so it probably clashed in the end with their usual trade. However the guys still forefilled the job, not a fun job, not an easy job, in fact a miserable job!! What a bunch of guys and extremely polite to both myself and my wife!

I would add a picture but as this horrific job was actually removing all signs of rubbish there is nothing to take a picture of therefore il just take a picture of my hand!

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