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Laminate flooring


Sohail Sharif was a very efficient and good worker.
He rang me to let me know that he was running late because of traffic which I thought was good of him. As he arrived asked what and how I wanted the job done and was very helpful with advising me on the things that he thought would cause problems if done in a certain way but left it for me to make the decision. He helped with removing the carpet which I could not do own my own and also helped with putting it outside. Did not complain about it being extra work for him. He also did some extra things for me without charging extra and his work was very reasonably charged and did not try to rip me off. He did not go home until he finished the job and tidied up fully before he went . No rubbish left at all. After 2 months I had a small problem with one side of the flooring and he booked a day and came and sorted it out for me no extra charge. We don't get a lot of such tradesmen in this day and age. I think he deserves to win this.

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Sohail Sharif
S Laminate Fitter

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