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Need to fis leaks in kitchen and bathroom. ASAP


The flat that I had problems is a property for renting out, so it is insured by British Gas. I thought that inviting a plumber from British Gas partner company would be wise yet their plumber was late and when he came, he didn't even manage to fix anything, just provided diagnosing, gave me estimates and said I had to book him for another appointment. You can imagine how infuriating it would be for me and my downstairs neighbours who were being currently flooded!
I posted the job on mybuilder dot com the same evening and Ian sent me an email saying that he was ready to do the job, all the way from Eastbourne to Crawley. Not only was he punctual, but he also discovered and fixed other problems which the "trusted" British Gas partner did not even find. That plumber would've done the job, and then the hidden issues would manifest causing even more damage!
Ian, however, priced the initial job twice as cheap, which meant that I could fix both of the issues very affordably. Ian managed to dedicate enough time multiple days in a row to fix my problem without a complaint.
He suggested we both go to the B&Q to buy parts, so that I would have comfort knowing that he wasn't cheating the price, like some others do. I was happy to pay extra, knowing he was going above and beyond with the job, saving my coin and my neighbours.

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Homeowner Elena Nevzorova

Ian Macquire
Frontline Plumbing

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