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Fixing external air vent fitting


Rob came to view the job to advise on what repair would be needed. He wasn't able to do a repair there and then as he needed to obtain a spare part. So we agreed a date for the repair. However, in general conversation I had said that the noise that the vent was making (the reason I posted the job on My Builder) was driving me mad as it went on 24/7 and could be heard throughout the house. Unbeknown to me, before packing away his ladders and leaving for the day, Rob applied a temporary fix which stopped the noise. This was a most welcome surprise when I realised I could hear the sound of silence! He then returned as agreed to install the permanent fix, without requesting any additional payment for the temporary fix. And the price he charged was quite considerably lower than another tradesman who didn't even bother to view the job before quoting. Hats off to Odd Job Rob!

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Homeowner Kath Oluwi

rob learmouth
Odd Job Rob

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