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Kitchen and bathroom


On the first day of the 3 week project Rohan got a call that his mother was unwell, he left the site to make sure she was ok only to find she has died before he got to her. It was a shock for us both but working together we managed to keep to the schedule and finish on time and on budget.
I found some last minute laborers to help out that day and a week later Rohan and his team came back on site and worked around the clock to get things finished. Not only that, he went above and beyond to meet my requirements, returning to fix some niggles and even reducing the price to account for the lost day/replacement labour.

Just on the general bits, I thought he gave great advice when he quoted, was easy to get hold of, clear in his comms and a nice person to work with. If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is!

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Homeowner Polly Thompson

Rohan Webb
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