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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Flat roof repair on 1st Floor property


I had been let down by a roofing company on three separate occasions and I still had a leak. What was worse was that the leak was going into my neighbour’s flat, and he had been beyond patient over the several months that I had tried to fix it.

After putting the job on My Builder I selected Anthony because of his well thought out and professional biography. I have seen many profiles and I really appreciate it when you can tell that thought has gone into the description of their work and company. It reassured me that the the same care would be taken on my job.

Within minutes of meeting Anthony I realised that the problem was finally about to be solved. He isolated the source of the leak, and gave me a competitive quote - but most importantly he reassured me that the job was in good hands.

The process itself could not have been smoother. He kept me up to date with photos throughout - doubly amazing to me because the previous company had tried to charge me £50 for before and after photos. The final work was excellent and the roof has withstood regular downpours with no recurrence of the leak downstairs. I can now look my neighbour in the eye without guilt - thank you Anthony!

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Homeowner Lucy Alexander

Anthony Nelson
Anthony James Roofing

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