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Laying of Karndean floor


We made a kitchen diner from two rooms and needed to match an existing wooden parquet floor to a new floor but without the depth to lay wood to match. We decided to use a vinyl tile, but no suppliers could match the size of the existing parquet tiles.
We asked several local flooring flooring companies, but no one was interested in our job or they quoted a ridiculous price. We even shortlisted five contractors on my builder and all declined apart from Paddy.
From the outset Paddy was more than interested, because we were doing something unusual and bespoke. He took the job on, quoted a very reasonable price and told us how to go about sourcing the right materials.
We used Karndean vinyl tiles and Paddy told us exactly how much to order, so that we had absolutely no full tiles left over. Paddy then arrived to lay the floor. Wow, that man can work - he arrived at 8am and left close to 8pm but with the job finished.
Paddy cut every tile from 9x3inch to 9x2.5inch with his cutter and then beveled the edge of every single tile, some 900 of them. He then laid then to match the pattern of the existing parquet and joined them so that you can barely tell the two are different.
I’m short, Paddy took on a job that no one wanted, modified the suppliers materials to fit, finished the job with little disruption and charged nearly half as much as anyone else that even quoted.

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