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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Kitchen floor tiling


As a new homeowner, I moved into my first house on 20th June 2017. After picking up the keys, I noticed that the kitchen floor hadn’t been tiled (as it was meant to be), and because it was open plan with the living room, it needed tiling before it could be carpeted - which was due to happen later that week. I posted the tiling job on the day I got the keys (20th June) and within about an an hour, Andre had responded. We had a call shortly thereafter, and he said he could do my tiling at 9am the following morning! Andre arrived promptly and, realising I was in a bit of a tricky situation, as the doors in my property hadn’t been trimmed to allow room for the upcoming carpet (which didn’t impact Andre’s work at all) he offered to trim them all for me with his circular saw once he’d finished the tiling! This was quite a tricky job as they are all fire doors and taking them off and putting them back on again is a bit of a fiddle, to say the least! He finished the tiling and door trimming quickly, expertly, and left everything very tidy afterwards. Andre really went above and beyond and made a very stressful situation much easier. All in all, I had my kitchen tiled and my doors trimmed within about 24 hours of getting the keys. I can’t thank Andre enough.

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Homeowner Leah Webster

Andre Butler

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