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Worcester system boiler has stopped working


My boiler stopped working suddenly on a cold and snowy day. Following an online search, I found a few emergency plumbers but no-one was able to attend for 48 hours. I posted the job on mybuilder as a last resort and Carl responded right away. He attended within the hour, identified the problem (which was a larger problem which had been concealed by a previous tradesman) and he undertook an emergency repair. The temporary repairs were fine for the first 4 hours but at 10pm the boiler cut out again, through no fault of Carl's. I called Carl and he travelled over 30 mins to get to me and he performed further temporary repairs that night! There aren't many plumbers who will attend a job at gone 10pm on a snowy Friday evening for no additional cost.

A few months later, I commissioned a firm to undertake some property renovations. I was subsequently let down by the firm who cancelled the job at the last minute; and I struggled to hire individual tradesmen he would be willing to work in a team on one residential project, I suspect my job wasnt desirable enough. I contacted Carl and he used his sources to introduce me to various tradesmen who could perform my renovation works: voila, my team was sorted and my house renovations were completed to an excellent standard. Of course, Carl did the plumbing and would always be the one to sort out any teething problems I had! He even brought me the odd fresh coffee! Can you get better than that?

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Homeowner Amy Nesbitt

Carl Latter

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