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Urgently restore power please 29th Dec


We had no power at all in the property and Steve said he would sort this out and not to worry. It was freezing cold and the 30th December so we knew we were lucky to get an electrician who didn't even know us out to the house over the Christmas period. I couldn't help but be skeptical.

We waited all morning for Steve and he didn't arrive so we did think our worse fears had come to pass and we weren't going to get the power back on. I rang him finally about 11.30am to find out where he was.... he was waiting for an ambulance to take him to hospital as due to freezing conditions he had come off his motorbike on the icy road on the way to us. But not to worry- he had got in touch with another electrician while waiting for emergency services who worked with him and they would come and sort us out. Sure enough within the hour that is what happened and the Problem in the main fuse box was sorted out and power was restored. We could not believe that Steve had not let us down even under such difficult circumstances over Christmas!!

All praise to Steve for returning hot water and heating in freezing cold weather👍👍

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