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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Floor tiling


What can I say! Unfortunately I couldn't be in on the day Guy was due so I done no more than call the folks.
The pensioners came to my rescue.....but poor Guy. 8.00 am he was greeted and let in and then had to endure 8+ hours of the one and only..... mother aka Jennings.
Not only that....we had purchased, what we thought were a reasonable standard tile from good ole B&Q. However, they came out of the pack and took on the form of a fairtrade banana. Guy persevered through the tales of Jennings and some shapeshifter tiles and the result was a fantastic hallway floor.
He left the place cleaner than it was when he arrived, which was a touch ;-), and left Jennings all talked out which was a double touch!
Jokes aside, Guy is really skilled and has the patience of a saint. He deserves to win, one because I need some more work doing and he may just agree to come back and do it and two if he does I need to pay him so the cash would be handy!

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Homeowner Laura Beck

Guy Connolly
GLC Tiling & Flooring

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