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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Bathroom refurbishment


Steven did an excellent job from start to finish with my bathroom. It is certainly the one room in the house throughout the whole refurbishment that I am most pleased with and, I haven't had to do ANY additional tweaking or fixing since the installation!!!

When Steven came to quote my job he had zero feedback due to recently joining mybuilder and, starting out on his own. Obviously this was a risk to take on my part, as I had no previous information to judge his suitability for completing my job. However this risk certainly paid off and I am so pleased that I chose him to complete the work. Aside from being an absolute professional and going the extra mile by completing additional unforseen work at no extra charge, he is also trustworthy which is massively important when inviting tradesmen into your home.

I have very high standards when I comes to the standard of finish. Usually I have to request certain aspects of the job are tweaked and the standard improved prior to signing it off. However this was certainly not the case with Steven. He has absolutely meticulous attention to detail and clearly takes total pride in his work. This is why I feel he is very deserving of this recognition out of all of the tradesmen
I have hired recently. His work is so good that even my neighbours hired him after he had completed my job. I have hired a lot of tradesmen over the last 8 months, not just through mybuilder but elsewhere. I can say without reservation that Steven is best I've experienced by miles and, others should look to him as a glowing example of a true craftsman!!!

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Homeowner John Humes

Steven Potter
ASP Installation

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