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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Large Kitchen Extension to Semi in Bristol


It feels like every time someone asks me about how our extension build went they don’t quite believe my answer.
I’ve had the same conversation with friends and family over and over again during the last year and it always end with them trying desperately to find something that went wrong. Something that annoyed me about the building process to confirm to them that major building work is a nightmare and most builders are out to get you.
They’re almost disappointed when I tell them James and Co (Mint Design and Build) completed our build on time, within budget, with minimum fuss and all done with the utmost courtesy and minimum disruption to our lives. (Considering they were onsite for 4 month and had to knock out 90% of the back of the house)
I couldn’t be happier with the build process and most importantly the finished product. Their attention to detail, skill and understanding when we inevitably changed our minds of various things was outstanding.
The whole crew (about 10-12 different guys over the 4 months) were all a pleasure to have around. They made sure any work made minimum disruption to our lives (I work from home so that was much appreciated!) they cleaned the site at the end of each day and even politely accepted my badly made tea.
In short I can’t recommend them highly enough. 5 stars. 10 out of 10. A+!

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