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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Plastering walls of bedroom


Gareth was the first person to respond to my job advert and he gave me everything I asked for and needed to know in comparison with other tradesmen who were overly price or not straight forward.

When I called to book him, he made sure he explained everything I need to know and do in preparation for his early arrival, to which he was faithful to. He asked me specifically to remove the wall paper the night before but I had to support my friend with a deadline the night before and thought I could leave it until the morning. I thought it would be a quick and easy job but I was wrong. He found that I had only managed to do fragments of removal. He had another job straight afterwards and he made a long trip to do my job thus could not come another day. Without complaining and ever so polite, he said "I would usually walk away from these jobs but considering the circumstances, I will help you out." Once the wallpaper was removed, he got straight to work. I offered him a drink but he chose to push on to get the job done and he did an excellent job.

I love my room now 😊 He was great company too regardless of what had happened and very personable. I really hope he wins this prize.

(The picture uploaded is after I painted over the plastering. I was too excited I got painting straight away 😁)

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Homeowner Fiona Ola

Gareth Tucker
G Plastering

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