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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

Congratulations to the Winner!

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Building circular garden walls X 3 & installing plinths


Alex, the tradesman, went above and beyond expectations.
1.He took all of my instructions on board and agreed to do everything as I requested.
2.However, he also made suggestions on the designs to ensure the structures were more secure and longer lasting.
3.As the designs of these circles were unique, he did his own research to make them look nicer.
4.When he got behind in the work, he worked harder to catch up and complete things on time
5.He came at the weekends to ensure I could meet my deadline
6.After the original work was completed he made further suggestions which helped the project and he was able to do these.
After the work was done, I had an open day for my gardens and over 100 people attended and were very pleased with the garden structures built by Alex.

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Homeowner Dr Tariq Mohammed

Alex Woodhead
Alex Woodhead

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