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Line 2 X Chimneys and check log burners


We moved into our dream house a little over a year ago and were really pleased there were 2 log burners in situ.

First time a chimney sweep inspected however, we were advised against using them until certain remedial works had been completed. Unsure of where to find a suitable contractor for this type of work and having had previous positive experiences with, we posted a job.

We had a few calls and visits from interested tradesmen but James and his colleagues stood out immediately from the first contact, warm and friendly customer service and flexibility over visiting at times that suited us. We were obviously keen not to spend too much, but were concious of any quotes that were too cheap, however on further discussion with James and his colleagues both my husband and I agreed (doesn't happen a lot, trust me) we wanted to go with them due to their professional and upfront approach about what they would do, how and their promise to minimise any additional costs but also they were realistic about what to expect. Incidentally, they were the best value quote anyway.

Two lads arrived on time on the big day, couldn't have been friendlier and got to work. My husband and I again agreed it was best if I made myself scarce, as my well intentioned attempts at helping are actually just plain annoying.

When I returned home a couple of hours later (slightly apprehensive, the living room is beautifully decorated in very pale colours. I may be completely inept at any form of DIY, etc but even I knew this job would be messy. I feared for my pretty wallpapers survival and was more than aware neither of us have the skills or taste to recreate what our homes previous owners had provided).

Fear not!

The job was done, chimney cleared (think final count was 5 large sacks, a lot of birds nests, thankfully no birds and the ark of the covenant). Chimney lined, hooked up to back boiler, access plate installed and various other bits and pieces which slip my mind. House was also spotless.

The guys had finished in minimal time, cleared up and gave us loads of advice and made a follow up appointment to see how things were going. Thus far we have had no problems. The whole process was spot on from first phone call to receiving electronic copies of all paperwork and follow up checks all was well, James and his team displayed professionalism and a friendly, prompt and efficient service. Would definitely use them again and would recommend them to others. I wish James and his guys best of luck for the future, thanks again.

I appreciate the criteria for this award is 'above and beyond' and it could be said James and the team just did their job however sometimes 'just doing your job' is all is required, no bells and whistles, especially after having had a few other less than great experiences.

This job was done and done well which was all we were looking for and wouldn't have wanted anything else, there is a lot to be said for someone who calls you back, arrives on time, does what they say they will and doesn't add a load of extra charges on

(Final note, apologies for lack of technical detail here, clearly not my strong point, I once tried to put curtain rails up with No More Nails, stuck the instructions to myself. Also, special thanks from my husband for sorting this job for us. He had quite a bit of earache on initial discovery we couldn't use log burners. Can't really repeat some of his remarks but sure you get the his words, happy wife, quiet life).

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