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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Flooring repairs / replacement


Ian arrived absolutely on time, gave a serious assessment of the good and the bad of a complex job with ancient creaking typical 150 year old tenement floors that had been beaten up by HMO tenants for 30 years.

He gave excellent advice on how and where to save money, and unlike three others was not trying to sell us anything or leave loopholes with his estimates. And he wasn't at all smooth about the whole process - told us when and why we were trying pointlessly to avoid spending money, why we couldn't do what we dreamed of, what was going to be disappointing, what could be better than we thought. He was prepared to walk away. That's a seriously good sign, we think.

When they guys came to do the job, they arrived on time, cleared and cleaned every day, took a couple of weeks as promised. And they did a couple of extra little jobs - just because they had the tools there. Very courteous pleasant guys. As soon as I asked about a small problem, Ian turned up and took care of it personally.

And it was really good work - we had a flat warming party afterwards and the floors had gone from ' Oh dear - great flat, shame about the floors...' to ' Wow - who did the floors ? !'

Ian under promised, over delivered. I can recommend three of the five guys we got through MyBuilder. But I have rarely - in six countries and thirteen houses and forty years - just met a guy I think I would just be able to say, yes, do what you think's good, and be absolutely confident that I'd not be ripped off, slightly made the most of, messed about a bit.

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Ian Watt
Past and present floor sanding

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