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Bromley By Bow 

My journey with my builder initially started with a completely different tradesperson, unfortunately long story short I was ripped off they were what you would call "cow boy builders". My husband and I had taken a loan out for the garden (£3000- whole renovation) which we are currently still paying :-( so our search for another tradesperson beagan!! After reading Martin's reviews I gave him a call, he was so friendly and came to give me an estimate for the work. Martin was shocked to see what the previous cowboys had done!!! He priced everything up and quoted me £2500 to re-do everything... having parted with £3000 already we had no where near enough what Martin was asking for!!! He went away and told me to think about it, I did just that and called him back but with a request... could he do all the work for £1000 this was the largest amount we could come up with!! To my surprise Martin agreed he said I should see is as a garden sos call out.. Martin and his team were so fab they really did go above and beyond my expectations.. he even done a few odd jobs that he ask no payment for, my children can finally enjoy the garden thanks to Martin and his team!!!

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Homeowner Farzana Chowdhury

Martin Mongan

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