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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Repair leaking roof and replace guttering.


I live in Dubai and had bought the property at auction which was full of damp from a leaking roof. I was not returning to the UK for 3 months and was uneasy about hiring someone when I would not be there to view the work. I hired Rob through My Not only did he do a great job replacing the roof but he offered to do the work straight away so that the house would be watertight and allow it to start to dry. He understood my concerns about being away and suggested he do the work straight away and I could meet him at the property when I returned later and pay him for the work at that time, once I had seen it and was satisfied with it.

Not only was this reassuring and of course very beneficial to the property but once I met Rob at the property I was delighted with the standard of work that he had done. It had been my first experience of hiring through my but because of Rob I will always do so for future work.

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Homeowner David Martin

Robert Layton
RL Roofing

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