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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Fit 3 bedrooms and landing


I am recently widowed and have several illnesses. The prospect of getting new carpet filled me with dread. Who was going to move the beds, the furniture. I couldn’t expect the carpet fitter to do it for the price he was only charging. On the day John turned up alone, I thought oh god help me, what am I going to do but I explained my situation to John and I was astounded at how quickly he fitted each room. He lifted beds, chest of drawers etc. He also put them all back so I didn’t have to worry. The carpet was fitted perfectly and I didn’t have the money to get the spare room fitted but there was two large pieces of carpet left over. John offered to come back after Christmas to use these two pieces to fit in the spare room so that it all matched. Since my hubby passed away I have had to get tradesmen in and some see a woman on her own and the price suddenly goes up. I was weary over carpet as I had been to some of the large retailers and got ridiculous quotes for fitting. John didn’t try to increase his quote. He was exceptionally reasonable and went above and beyond to help me make my home nice and warm for Christmas. He never once complained over the lifting of furniture, and he was also pleasant in his nature. It’s nice to actually know there are still people who care out there.

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