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Hang wallpaper


I bought mural wallpaper for a room, but when the wallpaper arrived it was obvious that it was not of the right dimensions for the room. We either had to call off the job, or find an alternative way to use the tradesmans time.

I noticed right off the bat that Mareks' attitude was very positive, despite all the challenges. He had the idea to open all the wallpaper and lay it out in the garden. (Fortunately, it was a sunny day!)

From there, we could check the whole order was there, and see how it looked as a whole. We decided it was too good to waste, and went about hanging it in a different part of the house which would take the dimensions of the paper.

Mareks set about prepping the area, and finished after 11pm due to the delay in starting the job. Never once did he complain. I wish all my tradesmen were as affable.

I have used him numerous times since. Because of the attitude he displayed on this one job, I would always give him first refusal on any painting or decorating job I have.

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Homeowner Naith Hanchard

Mareks Zutis
MZ Interiors & Spraying Specialists

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