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Setting up flat packs, Mounting a tv


Firstly. He was punctual. Came with his 17 year old kid. Started the job fine, when he got to the part of moving the large wardrobe (wall to wall) from one end of the room to the other, he encountered a problem, the skirting of the window on the other end of the room will obstruct the wardrobe and ultimately prove very difficult for the wardrobe to fit in. (Some tradesmen at this point will either give up, tell you to pay more money or tell you to get a new wardrobe that will fit better) which was not an option for me cos I couldn’t afford another wardrobe. But Andrew after standing and starring at it for some mins came up with an idea dismantling and systematically assembling it back one after the other and he gave his bestest best shot at it. And We could see his vision. I offered my help and “bobs your uncle” the wardrobe fitted perfectly..he hurt himself a little in the process but boy was I happy! He is very dedicated and very positive minded. Myself and my wife were over the moon (considering awhile ago how we were going to come up with the money for a new wardrobe) :)
My tradesman was simply outstanding and I have saved his number for future works.
Oh I forgot to mention that his price was very fair.


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