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Removal of chimney breast and adjoining wall


Roy started by removing some of the bricks in the chimney breast on the first floor and discovered a concealed vertical steel strut, the purpose of which, we were obviously unaware of. He immediately stopped and advised us to contact a surveyor and offered to pay the costs as he said he would feel better to hold off on the work until he had received further advice. When we received the report 2 weeks later however, Roy spotted that the surveyor produced plans which were incorrect and unworkable and resulted in the need for a second visit. Although we were forced to postpone the work for a total of 4 weeks in the end, Roy made himself available to meet with the surveyor each time, as well as several extra visits to us to discuss the situation, In the end, the surveyor ended up agreeing that Roy's suggestion to remedy the problem was better and more effective than his own and amended the plans accordingly. Roy made us feel that our job was as important to him as it was to us, and he was always ready to provide suggestions and support us to make the decisions which were right for us.

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Homeowner Elaina Hughes

Roy Botton
Premier Roofing and Building

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