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Design and fit bathroom


Stuart worked tirelessly for 4 weeks working until 10pm some evenings. He became part of the family and we even invited him to join us for tea on many evenings. His dedication and eye for detail was exceptional to the point of obsession. I asked him to fit me a power socket for our electric toothbrushes, when he came to fit it he noticed a tiny black pin prick mark on the front of it, I could barely see it but he insisted on returning it to screwfix and getting a replacement. It turned out that they were all the same and eventually it was traced back to a production fault at the MK factory. He had spotted something even the factory inspectors hadn't, a blow hole in the production mould. So if you have an MK shaving socket in your bathroom with a tiny black mark on the front you hadn't noticed you might do now. I bet you all go and check.

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Homeowner Darren Gill

Stuart Leech
SDL Joinery and Building Services

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