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Change a cistern and toilet seat


My job on the face of it is an easy one. A faulty cistern behind a tiled wall. Bob got to my flat around 10am and started work straight away. The access point is a long narrow gap accessed from in the mirrored cabinet. The gap It turns out is only big enough to fit a hand. Behind the flusher again is a small gap big enough to fit maybe two hands at a push. The best way to get in, it turns out, is by having to actually unseal the toilet and removing it. This is something Bob had been tying to avoid. What was meant to be less then an hour job is now looking to take longer. Bob was brilliant throughout in calling me in to the bathroom and physically showing me why he couldn't complete the job a certain way and what the other possible options were. Once he got access to the cistern itself and was able to remove it, he talked me through how the new cistern would work and connect and when the piping seemed to be faulty he carefully connected each piping to see where the problem lay and how he could rectify it before being able to place the new cistern in place properly. Bob quickly realised that the powers that be who designed the new build had installed a brand that is 1. Expensive and 2. Not made in line with standard sizing!
Bob, bless him, ran back and forth from his van to my flat several times whilst trying to improvise and used any and every random tube, connector and seal that he had lying around his van. He didn't eat the whole time and only had a can of drink to sustain him. Although he did not complain to me I could see him getting more and more frustrated at the job in front of him and even when I was thinking he should just walk away he would call me in and explain another possible way to sort the issue.
Bob ended up leaving after 2pm that day. I can honestly say for such an 'easy' job Bob was my shining light. I am a young female who is hopeless with bathroom DIY and I understood what was happening each step of the way. I didn't feel like I was getting fobbed off with sub standard work and I definitely don't think Bob was creating more work than was needed. When it came to pricing I honestly feel he may have undercharged me given the grief that the job actually caused him and the fact that he seemed to have depleted his own supplies. I've had Bob do work for me before and in line with that, when I walked into the bathroom and saw the finished product, the bathroom was spotless and I had to sternly tell him that I was happy to take the rubbish out and that he didn't have to as he was juggling his tools, the water vacuum?!? And then trying to hold the rubbish bag as well. Haha. Bless him.
Bob is and will be my plumber or the year.

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