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Job of the Year 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Loft boarding


Martin should win job of the year for enduring extreme conditions while working. The loft space that Martin had to work in, only had about a third of the space that he could stand in.The rest he had to be bent or crouched. This was obviously very difficult to do prolonged work in but Martin managed it. We booked the job to be done in September as thought it would be cool enough in the loft to work.Unfortunatley we reached record temperatures for September since 1911.The thermostat in the house was showing 30 degrees so the loft would have well exceeded that. Martin had to wear protective overalls because of the loft insulation that was fibreglass so extremely itchy on the skin. So this made it more hotter conditions to work in. I had to take bowls of iced water up to the loft with a towel for Martin to try and cool himself. The fibreglass insulation still got through Martin's overalls and Martin said he had to have lots of showers at night to try and get rid of the itching but still irritated his skin. Given all this Martin started work at 9am in the morning and finished at 5pm barely having any breaks for the whole week. Martin would also try and save any unused materials even if it saved us a couple of pounds which I thought was incredible given the conditions he was working he that he still found the time to save us money. Wow what a worker.

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Martin Gregory
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