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Huge congratulations to Ellouise Hempstead and her MyBuilder tradesman Martin Robinson of MJO Limited, in Lincolnshire.

Ellouise nominated Martin for the expertise, dedication, energy and generosity he brought to her challenging renovation project.

“Martin has taken our dream and made it his own. He’s worked with us to understand what we need, what we want, and what we’d love (but don’t think we can afford) and he’s helped us to make those things a reality. He’s an honest and reliable builder, who cares about his customers, and wants their project to be a success.”

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Every time I ask people to recommend a tradesperson, they hesitate. Hesitation comes from dissatisfaction with either the job done or the amount of money paid. After such experiences, those who can, do it themselves, those who cannot, dread the inevitable "contact". I had my share of builders, plumbers, electricians from hell, so I was worried to say the least. My only "claim to fame" in this situation is trying to believe that decent tradesmen exist and that has them in their midst. And you do! Mr. Murray! I would not hesitate to recommend him, I am and will, use his expertise for as long as it is available. He deserves to win because he would not leave the job, till the problem is fixed; because he would not abuse his position of power to rip customers off, because he is fair.

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