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Job of the Year 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Staircase carpet


Dear Ben,

Profuse apologies for my late reply as unfortunately my smartphone broke last week, and I've only just got a new one.
Thank you for allowing me to enter Richard for 'Job of the Year' and also I'm very grateful as I did not really cover the other aspects of Richard's work that, in my opinion, be should win job of the year.


This is a particular difficult carpet to fit, in the respect that I ordered a 60oz Wool carpet with a hessian back, making the carpet very rigid and extremely tough to work with. Not to mention the 11 millimetre thick Tredaire underlay as well.
The reason why I have mentioned this is at the bottom of my staircase, Richard informed me, as what's described as a 'Bullnose Step'.
The previous carpet fitter did not even cover it at all.
I have enclosed a photograph close-up of Richard's 'Bullnose Job'. How on Earth he managed to get it to look so perfect considering the carpets rigidity is utterly staggering beyond belief in my opinion.
Also another reason why I'm so grateful to Richard is that even though it was a week before Christmas he still managed to fit me in.

On a personal note, I know for a fact because of his workload, he was working 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week so his clients would have new carpets for Christmas.
He even worked all day Christmas Eve. I know that because my job was one of them.

Best regards.

Thank you.

Stuart Tranter.

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