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Alcove shelving and radiator


A bun in the oven
But not a cupboard in sight
Quick myBuilder will put things right
A click and a call
A chippy roll call
A chap from North London will fit the bill
His name is John, he can fit a windowsill
Thirty two shelves a cupboard and more
He says it'll take 5 days to be sure

But with time ticking down this baby won't hang around
Don't delay the doctors say,
she's on her way.

John and his friend set to with their saw
With cupboards and shelves and doors and more.
A race against time to make things fine
Baby Esme's arrival is way ahead of time
But with a bang and drill they're done in no time...

As quick as they came they were out the door
Not a speck of dust was left on the floor
And the only cut corners were with a saw.

With a final hum, the job was done
And 6 months later a place for baby Esme to have her fun.

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Homeowner Sarah Head

John Skelly
J.S Carpentry

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