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Huge congratulations to Ellouise Hempstead and her MyBuilder tradesman Martin Robinson of MJO Limited, in Lincolnshire.

Ellouise nominated Martin for the expertise, dedication, energy and generosity he brought to her challenging renovation project.

“Martin has taken our dream and made it his own. He’s worked with us to understand what we need, what we want, and what we’d love (but don’t think we can afford) and he’s helped us to make those things a reality. He’s an honest and reliable builder, who cares about his customers, and wants their project to be a success.”

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Norbert was extremely pendantic, fussy and all round perfectionist! As someone who works in the design industry for housing, I knew I was going to be a difficult client, but Norbert lived up to all of my expectations.

As a traditionally trained decorator, Norbert takes a huge sense of pride in his work, measuring levels of sockets, minimising wastage of materials / supplies and ensuring that what you want is what you get. In this age of varying skillsets, he is someone you want working with you (and not for) The reason I say this is that any form of work which improves your home is an art form in itself. During the week or so Norbert spent working on various projects in our house, he actively looked for ways to speed up the process, not only wanting to save time (and money for us) but also made valid suggestions on colour tones / material quality (and supplies) and rationalised ways in undertaken the work.

He is someone I would not hesistate to hire again and have even gone as far as to recommend him to other tradesmen we have used in the past and on projects which I work on as a engineer / interior designer!

A pleasure to work with and well worth the wait

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