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Roof needs some work


We had just moved to our 2 up 2 down and Caitlin was pregnant. Within a few months we realised the roof was leaking. So I placed my requirements for work on mybuilder. I had three quotes and it was only Thomas that really listened to our requirements. We could not afford a new roof and needed to make it water tight and quickly ready for the new baby.

Thomas was fantastic, went to every effort to cut the costs for us. No scaffolding with the agreement to come through the house with the cement using covers for the carpet, stone work was reused where it was reasonable to do so, and they mixed the cement at the builders depot and drove it to the house, which is only accessible via 42 steps, through the house and accessed the roof via yet more steps at the back of the house. Thomas communicated what was what right the way through the process.

Today the roof is water tight, and the baby's room decorated and remains dry.

Wounderful service and quality work.

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