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To connect a Gas Hob to gas pipe


I nominate Mr Zamani because he showed patience, knowledge, skills and - most important - he showed empathy and real interest on the job. I have redone the kitchen from floor to walls, boiler and full kitchen furniture. Most og the job I have done muself. In this occasion I hired Mr Zamani on the 24th December (!) I explained my situation, I explained I was let down by the plumber who few weeks earlier had installed the boiler. He understood and came in to connect the gas hob - He showed real empathy and interest for the fact xmas had come and my kitchen wasn't finished. Moreover, when, after he finished the job and had left, I put in place the electric oven and discovered it was deeper than standard UK ovens, he came back again to move the gas pipe back to the wall. He was very calm, and made me feel good and confident. He looked around the unfinished kitchen, he spotted a plumbing error underneath the sink and offered to correct without talking about money. He was fair with the money he asked for the original job, I knocked down £20 and he accepted. He was very friendly, considerate and just a nice, good man. I hope he stays like that. I wish him all the best. My plumber, the one who did the boiler, was the opposite: selfish, money driven, NO SYMPATHY for the situation I was in, no EMPATHY at all ! and he left the old pipes for the filling loop even if they no longer in use because the new boiler... I am sure Mr Zamani would have been more precise and fair with the job.

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Homeowner Max Rossini

zabi zamani
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