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Huge congratulations to Ellouise Hempstead and her MyBuilder tradesman Martin Robinson of MJO Limited, in Lincolnshire.

Ellouise nominated Martin for the expertise, dedication, energy and generosity he brought to her challenging renovation project.

“Martin has taken our dream and made it his own. He’s worked with us to understand what we need, what we want, and what we’d love (but don’t think we can afford) and he’s helped us to make those things a reality. He’s an honest and reliable builder, who cares about his customers, and wants their project to be a success.”

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I have 2 bathrooms that need redsigning and refitting


I believe this job should win job of the year. Some major points to consider:
Once I identified the tiles that I wanted, Martin went to B&Q, paid for them and picked them up for me. I wasn't expecting this, so part of a great service.
Martin cleaned up after himself every day, so my house and particularly upstairs we still liveable/usable areas.
Now this is the main "going above and beyond", whilst I was away on business in the U.S. the stopcock in my kitchen burst. I was alerted by my very nice neighbour (who also deserves an award for checking my house every day whilst I was away) that my hall and kitchen were covered in water. I phoned Martin from the U.S. at 9:00 p.m. (UK time) and mentioned to him. He didn't hesitate to say he would go to my house and check it out. It turns out that Martin had to turn the water off in the road and then proceed to take all the kitchen kick boards out and mop up all the water. He spent 2 hours in my house that evening cleaning up and went back the next day to fix a new stop-cock. He only charged me for the stop-cock. Luckily the only damage was to skirting boards in the hall (the other side to the kitchen) where some minor gaps had appeared. These I was able to fix on my return.
So if not for Martin going in that same evening the whole downstairs of my house would have been flooded with major damage to floors and furniture the effect.
Apart from the above Martin did a great job fitting my

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