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Supply and Fit carpets in rooms


Extremely satisfied with Stuart’s conduct, professional, flexible and customer-driven approach. As a profoundly Deaf customer, Stuart was very willing to adapt anything to meet my communication needs, for example the e-mails and text messages (as opposed to the sole reliance to the telephone calls involving the ability to hear and use voice.

Upon completion of the order for carpets (to all 3 bedrooms and top landing) at a carpet store, again with their flexible approach and, together with Stuart, good understanding that I was unable to drive, the carpets had been kept in the store for Stuart’s collection, at no extra charges to me.

In the middle of major refurbishment works in my house, Stuart agreed to my request for fitting these carpets in different dates, firstly carpets were fit in 2 bedrooms. Then after the completion of refurbishment works to a master bedroom and top landing, Stuart’s team fit carpets throughout at a later date, again at no extra charges.

The job had been completed to a very high standard enabling the completion of refurbishment (including new carpets being fit) throughout upstairs.

A very competitive rate was confirmed and agreed prior to starting works on fitting carpets.

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Homeowner Des Masterson

Stuart Price
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