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(Old) Potterton boiler repair and radiator installation


My plumber saved Christmas!
Darren first came to us when we had no walls, ceilings or any clue what we had got ourselves into. He had a look at our boiler as requested and was prepared to try an fix it, but gave us some other options that were within our budget, so in the end we replaced it and I'm glad we did. Having never refurbished a house before we really got a bit lost sometimes, with what we needed to do, throughout the last 4 months Darren has either been at hand, on the end of a phone or email to help us through. He spent hours crawling about in our loft covered in ancient dust, not to mention the days he would leave the job covered in lime plaster and later on covered in plaster from the new walls. Nothing was ever a problem, he always managed to find a solution, again, which fitted into our budget and time schedule.
He skillfully removed meters of old copper, iron and lead piping, replacing it all with new neatly soldered pipes where need, advised us on the type of radiators we needed before fitting them as well. He also got on really well with all the other trades that we had working in the house at the same time, including ourselves! But I suppose the thing that makes him stand out for me is when our deadline to move in was looming and we were behind schedule. We had to be out of our rented house by the 22nd December, 3 days before Christmas, other than the radiators nothing had been plumbed in as there had been serious delays with the deliveries of the bathroom and kitchen suites and Darren was due to go on holiday on the Tuesday 20th December till the New Year. One thing that had arrived was our cooker and so that we wouldn't be without something to cook Christmas Dinner on he arrived on Tuesday morning without warning and connected and signed it off. Honestly, it was such a kind and generous thing to do, it made our Christmas. To be able to sit round a table with our children, in a warm house, our first house and have a proper roast dinner at Christmas helped us get through the few days we were without other amenities (it was a bit like camping with with walls), because the other thing that Darren did was make sure that all the pipe work was ready to be fitted to the sinks, bath, toilets etc and talked us through what we needed and how to do it ourselves, so while it perhaps doesn't look as pretty as a job by him, we have a bathroom and kitchen with plumbed in washing machine. Really can't thank him enough and almost don't want to recommend him to anyone in case he gets too busy to see us again ;)

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Homeowner Glynis Kirkwood-Warren

Darren Nash
D S N Plumbing

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